What an incredible THING!!

Impossible to describe other than to say its a billion years condensed into a 4 minute video loop & it was one of the best art events i've ever been to.


1993 was no ordinary year.

The New Museum currently exhibiting a show called “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star”
Its a time capsule showing many shifts in art & society at that time & in-particular New York City.
Because I was throwing events/raves from the late 80's to the mid 90s, I've been included in the bizarre but cool promotion for the museum's exhibition.
These 3 pay phones in Tribeca have a recording of me describing those times..
200 Hudson St
201 Hudson St
195 Hudson St
Play around on the link below, its fun to hear others from that time too.


Barry McGee retrospective at the ICA in Boston.

Max & I went on a road trip with the great guys from UGLY Gallery to the private opening, a day before the official public one.
We weren't actually on the guest list but managed to all talk our way in. Being uber-nerds were literally the first people in the museum.
I really dont have the vocabulary or writing skills to describe what an emotional experience it was, as Max & I entered each new completely empty area of the massive exhibition alone. It was almost overwhelming & admit I did choke up a little.
I literally shot hundreds of photos & it was hard picking just a few for the post. In no particular order, here's a selection of my faves that span from really early works & ephemera to the recent mind blowing geometrics...

The beautiful Margaret Kilgallen area. Max emulating the robotic version of AMAZE.

Felt super connected to the two below for some reason... The creative magic of TOMBOB's iPhone :)

Barry signing Max's Mets hat with a classic TWIST tag.


On the train home, it felt fitting to watch Beautiful Losers on the phone via Netflix.
By the time it got to the end I was crying again. Not simply because of the Margaret Kilgallen story, or the way Aaron Rose describes the feeling he gets by curating & seeing those faces but because I was so happy to have shared the whole experience with my son. He was simply embarrassed by his soppy dad.


DJ'd at opening of "Spectacle" -The Music Video 4/2/13 .

Played some music for the opening of "Spectacle" -The Music Video history.  Super fun event & I never knew the Museum of Moving Image was so cool!  Also nice to meet the legendary Vivien Goldman. Eve was a badass selector when she wasn't running around like a lunatic...

A real highlight for me was being given a private tour & getting up close to the actual Tyrell Corporation Building from Bladerunner!

thx @jeanniehopper for the pic.



DEEP was a party I threw on Saturday's in 1990. It ran for just over a year, bouncing between four or five downtown venues. By the end we were drawing up to 2000 heads & were dodging 5 separate authorities who were trying to catch us in the act & shut us down. 
I took this photo from the balcony of the Rapp Arts Center on 4th St between Avenues A & B. (I think its called the Connelly Theater now)
My partners, Dorian Chinner (RIP), DJ Frankie Inglese & Jack Luber & I would bring in everything, from the sound to screens & 10 projectors for my Warhol Factory/Rave/Avalon Ballroom inspired slideshows.

Family holiday Miami 3/18-23 2013

Cab from airport to hotel

Perfect temperature beach

Lincoln Road dash

Wow, she can be annoying! 

Fresh weatpaste

Discovery of flipped over Barry McGee truck (not really on show) at Margulies Collection.

Big Nara dishes at the Rubell Collection.

Life impersonating art

Experimenting with the iPhone 5

Found sticker spot of Lincoln Rd Enriquetas, mine & Max's fave meal of the trip.



Thom Yorke & Nigel Godrich show how "EDM" (god I hate that name!:) can & should be done.
Wow, what an incredible gig! Very hard to describe but somewhere between DJ'ing, live remixing of their tracks & an old skool reggae dub studio session.
The thing I loved most was that they fucked up. Not terribly but enough that one was able to tell it was really live. As they built the rhythms, one effected sound, like a decaying or delayed echo on a click would be it the wrong place. It was like when I'm mixing two records together & they are not quite synced, so I'd be creating a "wrong" patten & wouldn't know how to get out of it.
Visuals by TARIK were also effected live, making the experience really engaging.

Also got to see the extraordinary Holly Herndon. My mate Ned is in love her & thinks she's some kind of other worldly angel.

MARK MULRONEY at Mixed Greens

Mark's art may not be for everyone but it totally connects with me.  

If you also love twisted content & vivid colors laid down with exceptional skill, dont sleep on this exhibition.

Below are just few of the works I enjoyed.

Still on till Mar 16th.
531 W 26th St, First Fl, 10001
TEL: 212 331 8888