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Sometimes I feel like I’ve seen enough Warhol to never have to see more, and then I get blown away by either how different they look in the flesh, or seeing works I’d not been exposed to before. As was the case with Revelation - Brooklyn Museum

Apologies for the cropping, wanted to show some details!

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A few highlights & faves from Frieze NY at The Shed.

Not sure if it was simply Max & my moods but neither of us were particularly blown away.

Not to say there weren’t some of the best galleries in the world, showing a ton of stunning art works, that's far outside the price range of normal people, but my memory of Frieze was that it used to have several Fucking Me! moments delivered because of breathtaking beauty, shocking obscenity, or simply ridiculous scale.

Whatever, it was still fun seeing great art & watching this particular strand of humanity.

Tarik Kiswanson

Karlo Kacharava

Alex Da Corte

Nancy Grossman

Marsha Pels

Robert Rauschenberg

Sam Nhlengethwa 

Cajsa von Zeipel

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1800346 2022-02-27T00:41:53Z 2022-02-27T00:45:00Z TOM COSTA - Slow Drip at MY PET RAM Feb 26th 2022

Sometimes Instagram just cant give the view needed.

Below are 6 of the many Ink on paper works on view till March 13, 2022. my pet ram 48 Hester St NY10002.

Getting Away, 2019 Ink on paper 53 x 52 in

Janus, 2020 Ink on paper 52 x 54 in

Guardian, 2019 Ink on paper 39 x 26 in

Guardian, 2019 Ink on paper 39 x 26 in

Lovers, 2021 Ink on paper 48 x 54 in

Lost, 2017 Ink on paper 59 x 52 in

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1782110 2022-01-12T02:00:29Z 2022-01-12T15:07:09Z THE BIKE SHED 87-89
For the four years before I came to NYC I worked for the London iteration of The Limelight Club.
My partner Tommy D & I were resident Saturday DJ’s playing a mix of House & Hip Hop hot tunes of the day.
For the last two years, the club offered me my own night, and I came up with the idea of a night called The Bike Shed. For Americans who might not know, as school boys, a bike shed was where we went to smoke fags (cigarettes) & snog (make out) with girls. The concept was to play five generations of Rock N’ Roll within the same night all mixed up together! Everything from Bo Diddley & Gene Vincent to Sisters Of Mercy & Zeig Zeig Sputnik. The tag line was, The Only No Disco, Disco. My DJ partners in crime were Mike Wells & Tommy Danvers & did we have fun!
I made the work of doing a weekly event extra hard on myself by not only having to book the bands, handing out the flyers outside Kensington Market every Sat but also each week’s flyer had to have 5-10 rock history facts listed listed on them!
After The Bike Shed had been successfully running on Today's nights for a few months, the club told me Marlboro cigarettes wanted to sponsor it. I told them I would not take money from them. but they insisted it was happening, & told me to just use their money to book bigger bands, including Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.
Below are a few of the more memorable nights & some of the trivia..

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1683183 2021-04-25T16:22:26Z 2021-05-10T03:06:55Z SEVEN FEET OF WARHOL
Ordering plexiglass to frame this seven foot strip of Andy Warhol / Velvet Underground banana stickers, as we (@stuckupofficial) gear up towards my long term goal of showing “100 Years of Pop & Counter-Culture - told through adhesive materials : STICKERS”, in museums around the world.

I wrote in the first Stickers book—that the Warhol banana for the VU was the first sticker in pop culture that I was really drawn to conceptually and aesthetically, also because I found its backstory fascinating: that a bigger, text-based sticker needed to be slapped on the back sleeve to save the band from being slapped with a nasty lawsuit. (see 2nd image) 

What I didn’t know then was that the bananas came off these large sticker rolls that were apparently kicking around Warhol’s Factory. The kids that worked for him, or just hung out there, took it upon themselves to use the stickers as a sort of critical marker. They would run around to art openings in SoHo and slap the stickers on the windows, walls, and doors of the galleries where they thought the show sucked. Having now heard this story from a couple of different people, it leads me to believe it could be true.

The “Blue Chip” exhibition panel below shows stickers by Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst. Ryan McGinness, Barry McGee, Jose Parla, Tom Sachs, Keith Haring, Marilyn Minter, Robert Lazzarini, Kenny Scharf, Jenny Holzer, Todd James, JR, Mathew Barney, James Victore, Chris Johanson & Bansky.

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1677302 2021-04-11T03:05:48Z 2022-05-20T12:43:36Z Stefan Sagmeister “Beautiful Numbers” Exhibition

It’s always a little risky to actually meet the people who’s work you’ve admired for many years. Don’t they say “Never meet your hero’s”. So what a nice surprise to meet Stefan Sagmeister & find him to be warm, friendly & even complementary of some of my own work. His new show “Beautiful Numbers“ is perfect example of how conceptual art can also be beautiful. It’s actually a show of optimism.

Below is just a small sample of the exhibition. The shapes on the paintings represent factual statistics. 

1 - Suicide II, 2000/2015 

Suicide rate worldwide, number of deaths per 100,000 population
2000 13
2015 11 

2 - “Suicide I, 1950/2005” 

Suicide rate USA,
1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970. 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000. 2005 

3 - “Oil, 1970/2010” 

gray dot: large oil spills 2010 red dot: large oil spills 1990 yellow dot: large oil spills 1970 

4 - “Death Penalty, 1970/2010”

Abolishment of death penalty 

1970 21 countries
1990 66 countries
2010 98 countries 

5 - “Carbon II”

Carbon footprint of protein-rich foods from le# to right: Cheese 85kg CO2 per 1kg of protein, Chicken 43kg, Beef 250kg, Lamb 200kg, farmed fish 35kg 

6 - "Woman I, 1900/2000"

Female Voting Rights 

1900.1950. 2000

This edited from the Thomas Erben Gallery Press Release..

Beautiful Numbers, Sagmeister’s new body of work was conceived in 2020. Media – reflects a world seemingly out of control, with democracy in peril, ubiquitous conflicts and an overall outlook of doom. The reality is actually less war, hunger and illiteracy; fewer people die in natural disasters, more people live in democracies, an increased number of women serve on Parliaments, and life expectancy has increased.

Sagmeister has visualized data collected over 100 years and transformed these graphs, inlaid into 19th Century genre paintings, embroidered canvases, lenticular prints and hand painted water glasses – all of which will be for the first time on display at the gallery.

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1673620 2021-04-02T13:06:59Z 2021-06-02T12:10:55Z ART SLEEVES BOOK REVIEWED ON CNN

Obviously one doesn't do creative projects with getting reviews as the end goal but its still a very nice feeling to get them. Especially strange & wonderful to have a mainstream platform acknowledge ones work. CNN had my Art Sleeves book on their front page yesterday

I cut and pasted it here, in case it disappears, and then no one believes me ;)

The famous artists behind history's greatest album covers

Published 1st April 2021
The sleeve for Stompede an EP by Tokyo band Saigan Terror  was designed by American artist Pushead -- the same man behind the Metallicas merchandise

The famous artists behind history's greatest album covers

Written byLeah Dolan, CNN

Throughout the 20th-century record sleeves regularly served as canvases for some of the world's most famous artists. From Andy Warhol's electric yellow banana on the cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico's 1967's debut album, to the custom-sprayed Banksy street art that fronted Blur's 2003 "Think Tank," art has long been used to round out the listening experience.
A new book, "Art Sleeves," explores some of the most influential, groundbreaking and controversial covers from the past forty years. "This is not a 'history of album art' type book," said the book's author, DJ and arts writer DB Burkeman over email. Instead, he says the book is a "love letter" to visual art and music culture.
For the 45th anniversary of The Velvet Underground  Nico in 2012 British artist David Shrigley illustrated a special edition  reissue cover for Castle Face Records
For the 45th anniversary of "The Velvet Underground & Nico" in 2012, British artist David Shrigley illustrated a special edition reissue cover for Castle Face Records. Credit: David Shrigley/Rizzoli
Featured records span genres and decades. Among them are Warhol's cover for The Rolling Stones' 1971 album "Sticky Fingers," featuring the now-famous close-up of a man's crotch (often assumed, incorrectly, to be frontman Mick Jagger in tight jeans) as well as an array of seminal covers designed by graphic designer Peter Saville, co-founder of influential Manchester-based indie label Factory Records. Despite having relatively little art direction experience under his belt, Saville was behind iconic covers such as Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures" (1979), depicting the radio waves emitted by a rotating star, and the brimming basket of wilting roses -- a muted reproduction of a 1890 painting by French artist Henri Fantin-Latour -- that fronted New Order's "Power, Corruption & Lies" (1983).
New Order Power Corruption  Lies Featuring A Basket of Roses by Henri Fantin-Latour 1890
New Order, "Power, Corruption & Lies." Featuring 'A Basket of Roses' by Henri Fantin-Latour, 1890 Credit: Peter Saville/Fantin-Latour/Rizzoli
The book also includes a sleeve by Shepard Fairey, the artist behind the eminent Obama "Hope" poster, for "7-inches for Planned Parenthood," a limited edition vinyl box-set to raise funds for the sexual health charity. On the cover, a woman's sleeping face is rendered in Fairey's trademark stencilized finish while a red vertical banner screams at her to "Wake Up!"
Yayoi Kusama's brief foray into album art also features in the book. In 2013, the Japanese multidisciplinarian designed the artwork for Japanese DJ Towa Tei's eighth studio album, "Lucky." The cover is a simple smattering of red and white polka dots -- a signature Kusama motif. Kusama even features on the album's last track, "Love Forever," where she recites a short poem.
In 1992 dissenting graphic designer Barbara Kruger created the artwork for the only LP ever released by short-lived riot grrrl band, Growing Up Skipper. The group took their name from a controversial Barbie released in 1974, a version of Skipper, Barbie's younger sister, who grew breasts when you twisted her arm (the company says the doll matched "little girls' dreams of growing up").
For the cover of the LP, "Use only as directed," dismembered Barbie parts appear alongside Kruger's signature black and red 'scrapbook' text.
Art Sleeves Album Covers by Artists by DB Burkman is published by Rizzoli priced at 4000
Art Sleeves: Album Covers by Artists by DB Burkman is published by Rizzoli priced at £40.00. Credit: Rizzoli
The book also shows Jeff Koons' Renaissance collage for Lady Gaga's album, "ARTPOP" (2014) -- where a statuesque Gaga sits inside Botticelli's giant scallop shell -- as well as Cindy Sherman's work for Arthur Doyle and Maurizio Cattelan, famous for his duct-taped banana, who photographed a toothy, red-lipped grimace for Toilet Paper magazine's 2016 special edition single of Daft Punk's "Da Funk" (1995).

The vinyl revival

Despite the ubiquity of digital downloads (or perhaps in reaction to it) both sides of the pond have been experiencing a vinyl revival for over a decade. In 2020, UK sales of vinyl were at their highest since the early '90s, while last year in the US more than 27 million vinyl records were sold-- nearly 50% more compared to 2019. The impact the coronavirus has had on listening habits has been sizable, too, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) found. "The increase in (music) consumption was achieved despite the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic," they said in a report published earlier this year. According to the BPI, streams and sales in the UK "dipped around the start of the first lockdown".
Aphex Twins Collapse EP 1990 was illustrated by London-based artist Weirdcore
Aphex Twin's "Collapse" EP (1990) was illustrated by London-based artist Weirdcore. Credit: The Designers Republic/WEIRDCORE/Rizzoli
Yet despite the growing comeback appeal of LPs, the accessibility of digital platforms means streaming services are still the main source of music globally.

For Burkeman, the digitization of music is positive insofar as it means artists don't need record companies to put music out. But the rise of streaming has also resulted in the forfeiture of exciting album appendages like designed lyric sheets or handwritten notes from the recording artist. "We've definitely lost something as far as experiencing emotions one might feel while listening to a record and studying, analyzing, or simply enjoying the physical object."

DB Burkeman
tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1669623 2021-03-23T03:17:59Z 2021-10-03T01:04:10Z THE COVID YEAR (and after)
Below is a truly insane list of TV shows, films, documentaries, audio books, youtube streams and podcasts that have I have consumed over 12 months since being sent home from work last March. (2020)

Some were inspired & inspiring works of art, while others were a waste of my time. While I watched many seasons of some TV shows, and possibly did find them somewhat enjoyable or enough to keep me distracted from the paranoia of Covid-19 life, I ultimately felt like I should have spent those hours doing something else.

The ones I have bolded, are ones that I feel like I did get something from them, whether it be simple entertainment, or a deeper understanding of culture or even life itself. I would not feel bad recommending these and I could argue their merits. I’ve added links to the lesser known ones, or ones that might not be known to some Americans. 

This may seem like an egotistical thing to post. However Its mostly for myself, to remember what I've watched & what a crazy year its been. If anyone gets something from it, then that's a bonus.

TV :
Top Boy - Seasons 1,2 & 3 
Victoria - Season 3 
The Crown - Seasons 1,2,3 & 4 
Better Call Saul - Seasons 1,2 3 & 4 
Billions - Seasons 1,2, 3, & 4 
DEVS  - Season 1 
After Life - Seasons 1 & 2 
Broadchurch  - Season 1 (abandoned season 2)
Hand of God -  Season 1 (abandoned season 2)
Peep Show -Seasons 1,2 & 3 (rewatched)  
Seinfeld : 23 Hours to Kill
The Wire - Season 1 (rewatched), 2, 3, 4 & 5
Lie To Me - season 1 (abandoned) 
The Jinx   
Space Force - Season 1
Jack Ryan  - Seasons 1,2 & 3
Broadwalk Empire - Seasons 1,2, 3, 4 & 5
Line of Duty - Seasons 1,2 ,3, 4 & 5 
Mayday - Season 1
The Man in the High Tower -  Season 1 (rewatched), 2  3, & 4.
Umbrella Academy - Season 2 (abandoned)
Hanna - Seasons 1 & 2
Prime Suspect : Tennison  
The Night Manager     
I May Destroy You  
Doom Patrol (abandoned)
Raised By Wolves  
The Vow
ZeroZeroZero - Season 1 
The Great (abandoned)
The Boys - Seasons 1 & 2 
London Spy    
Away (abandoned)
LEGION - Season 2 & 3   
Fargo - Season 4
Halt and Catch Fire - Seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4    
Formula 1 : Drive to Survive - Seasons 1, 2 & 3
Gangs of London (abandoned)
Peeky Blinders - Seasons 2, 3 & 4
The Expanse - Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
The Flight Attendant  (abandoned)
Unforgotten  - Seasons 1,2 & 3
Westworld - Seasons 1, 2, 3 (abandoned)
The Trip  - Season 1 
How To : with John Wilson 
Taboo (abandoned)
Last Tango in Halifax - Seasons 1,2 ,3 & 4 (abandoned)
Snowpiercer  (abandoned)
Fortitude - Season 1  (abandoned)
River - Seasons 1 & 2
Spy Craft - Season 1 
Queens Gambit 
Dark - Seasons 1, 2, 3 (abandoned)
The Tunnel - Season 1 
Schitts Creek seasons 1,2,3 & 4

Blue Velvet (rewatched) 
Uncut Gems
24 Hour Party People (rewatched) 
Paris Texas (rewatched) 
Performance  (rewatched)  
Gimme Danger : Iggy Pop   
Force Majeure                              
The Celebration (aka Festen)   
Avengers: Infinty War
Avengers: End Game
Thor: Ragnarok
The Banker
Have a Good Trip
Ford v Ferrari  
Thunder Road   
Stranger Than Paradise
Down by Law (rewatched) 
Pineapple Express (abandoned)
The Go Gos’ Movie 
American Dream/American Knightmare - Suge Knight
Project Power 
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
The Trial of the Chicago 7
Knives Out
Can You Ever Forgive Me?
The Cooler
Constantine (abandoned) 
SPENSER, Confidential (abandoned)
The CLASH : Don Letts 1978 Unreleased documentary
Fast and the Furious 
Inception (rewatched) 
Zack Snyder’s Justice League
The Old Guard
The Midnight Sky
Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art

Richard Russell - Liberation Through Hearing: Rap Rave and the rise of XL  
Beastie Boys Book
The Body Keeps The Score 
Adam Buxton: The Ramble Book  
Louis Theroux: Gotta Get Theroux This  

Rabbit Hole 1-7
Adam Buxton 123-151 
The Dropout 1-7
Reply All - 159-173
Jerry Gogosian 1-11
Raised By Wolves  1-5
Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin- approx 15 shows
Films to be Buried With. -“Joe Cornish” 
Distraction Pieces - approx 10 shows
Grounded with Louis Therous - approx 10 shows

ART on YouTube :
Mark Leckey -4 hours  
Zdzislaw Beksinski 1 hour
Ed Rousha 3 Hours 
Francis Bacon 2 Hours 
Francisco Goya 2 Hours
Black Art: In the Absence of Light  1.5 Hours
Jean Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child  (rewatched) 

UPDATED : After The One Year Post


Army of the Dead (2021)  
The Gentleman
Without Remorse  
The Bank Job 
Snatch  (Rewatched)  
The Tomorrow War
American Animals 
Memento (Rewatched)  
Too Funny Too Fail 
My Scientology Movie 
Batman & Bill 
Mister America 
Zero Dark Thirty 
Boss Level 
Safety Not Guaranteed  
Palm Springs 
Gunpowder Milkshake (abandoned) 
Zack Snyder's Justice League (abandoned) 
Coming 2 America   
Ready Player One 
No Sudden Move 
The Vault
The Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad
Birds of Prey
A Life of Crime
War Dogs
Deadwood : The Movie
Vice (2021) (abandoned)

TV :

Schitts Creek seasons 5 & 6 
Thunder Force
The Mole 
Star Struck 
Mare of Eastwick 
The Line Of Duty - Season 6 
63 and Up 
ARSENAL - 1980s Spanish TV3 interview with Sterling Morison
Line of Duty - season 6
Better Call Saul - season 5
Thick Of It - season 1


I Can't Believe it's Not Buddha 1,2, 3

Dialogues: The David Zwirner Podcast -
Beeple with Jordan Wolfson
Robert Crumb with Art Spiegelman
Sofia Coppola with Rainer Judd
KAWS with Lucas Zwirner
Minimalism Today
Alex Da Corte with Charlie Fox
Jordan Wolfson with Jeremy O. Harris
Marcel Drama with Will Butler
Lisa Yuskavage with Tamara Jenkins
Jeff Koons with Luke Syson 

Audio Books :
The Flamethrowers : Rachel Kushner
The Hail Mary Project : Andy Weir

Grounded with Louis Therous Approx 10 shows

Audio Books :
The Flamethrowers : Rachel Kushner
The Hail Mary Project : Andy Weir

Music on YouTube : 

All My Homies Hate Skrillex | A story about what happened with dubstep. : Timbah.On.Toast 

Trash Theory, including... 
Before Loveless: How Shoegaze Became Shoegaze
Exploring Massive Attack & "Unfinished Sympathy"
Tim & How The Replacements Ruined Everything
The Endless Struggle Behind Soft Cell & TAINTED LOVE
Dizzee Rascal, I LUV U & The Birth of Grime
The Story of Pulp and COMMON PEOPLE
CLINT EASTWOOD & The Birth of Gorillaz
The Complex Journey of M.I.A. & PAPER PLANES
The Most Controversial BRIT Awards Performance Ever (Dave - "Black")
FKA twigs & The Fragile Bombast of "Cellophane"
"Can't Stand Me Now" - The Shipwreck of The Libertines
The Universal Appeal of Buzzcocks' "Ever Fallen in Love"
How an Illegal Mash Up Reignited British Pop (Sugababes - "Freak Like Me")
The Smirking Revenge of The Sisters of Mercy & THIS CORROSION
FIRESTARTER - How The Prodigy Won Over the Metalheads
Fugazi: The Path of Most Resistance
Before Black Sabbath: How Psychedelic Rock Became Metal
Before Bauhaus: How Goth Became Goth
"Ghost Town" by The Specials: The Sound of Impending Doom
Aladdin Sane: David Bowie's Dark Reflection of Ziggy Stardust
Exploring Joy Division & "She's Lost Control" 
How Echo & The Bunnymen and God Wrote "The Killing Moon"
How Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Maps" Transcended the Post-Punk Revival
"How Soon Is Now?" - The B-Side That Defined The Smiths
Blur Vs. Oasis: Who Won The Battle of Britpop?
Before Are "Friends" Electric?: How Synth-Pop Became Synth-Pop
Before 1976: How Punk Became Punk
The Shocking Real-Life Story Behind "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus
Songs That Are Most Likely About Courtney Love

CHAOS / The Dave Goodman Story (11 parts)

ART on YouTube : 

3 Hours of Oliver Payne and Nick Relph - “Driftwood”, “Mix Tape , Comma , Pregnant Pause,  Oliver Payne - “Inventory Eleven”

2 hours of Matt Pyke : Universal Everything

DB Burkeman
tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1658864 2021-02-26T13:44:46Z 2021-02-26T13:58:45Z JOYCE PENSATO “FUGGETABOUT IT (REDUX)" at PETZEL

So happy I finally got to see this wonderful show, as I’d missed the original 2012 show, and of course because Joyce sadly died in 2019.

In 2012 Pensato premiered her installation “Fuggetabout It” at Petzel Gallery on West 22nd Street to commemorate her beloved studio on Olive Street in East Williamsburg, where she had worked for thirty-two years and had lost in a landlord/tenant dispute in 2011. The move after three decades prompted a re-evaluation and packing of hundreds upon hundreds of objects and items of all manner, including: stuffed animals; figurines; posters, books, invitation cards, and other paper ephemera; milk crates; furniture, both broken and intact; paint cans and paintbrushes, among others. (text from Petzel)

DB Burkeman
tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1620564 2020-11-24T00:42:17Z 2020-11-24T01:34:42Z ASSISTING MAX BURKEMAN ON HIS PRATT FILM SHOOT : Nov 21st & 22nd 2020

A tiring two days (for an old man) yet fun and exhilarating, assisting auteur/film maker, Max Burkeman on his "Little Trouble In Big Chinatown" short music based fashion film. I was assigned to shoot behind the scenes and keep cast & crew supplied with ample Asian food throughout the weekend. 

Writer/Director : Max Burkeman

Cast : Kenna Skye & Rel The Kid

Makeup : Eve Burkeman 

Stylist :  Sebla Maaza

Wardrobe : Wini Burkeman

DB Burkeman
tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1616164 2020-11-13T02:20:46Z 2020-11-13T03:24:52Z GEORGE CONDO at HAUSER & WIRTH 11/12/20

It’s been a bumpy ride for my appreciation of George Condo. When I first saw his work in the late 90’s & early 2000’s I don’t remember liking it much. I think I thought it was too Picasso-esque or something but by the end of the decade I had come around to being a fan. Then in 2010 Supreme & Kanya turned him a household name for the Hypebeast kids, triggering an unfair knee-jerk reaction that turned me off him. He is an incredible painter, and this new show of brand new works at Hauser & Wirth took my breath away.

Large canvass. 

Works on paper.

DB Burkeman
tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1615523 2020-11-11T21:21:25Z 2020-11-12T03:26:24Z Studio Visit with Sam Jablon 11/9/20

New York is massive but also sometimes very small.

My close friends, James Hyde and Erik Foss, who did not know each other till recently, both spoke highly of Sam Jablon’s practice.

About a month ago I was meeting James and Sam just happened to be on the street, so James introduced us. Sam and I have had lunch twice now, talked art a little & laughed at the state of the world. I got to see some of his lovely works.

DB Burkeman
tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1615511 2020-11-11T20:52:12Z 2020-11-11T20:52:12Z H0L0 : PLACE OF ASSEMBLY Podcast 11/9.20

On Monday, I stepped to outside of my comfort zone. I was asked by insanely smart and talented, Sam Hillmer, founder of Zs band, also main man at the H0L0 venue to engage in conversation for his new Podcast, PLACE OF ASSEMBLY. 

The focus of the show is physical spaces and environments, and he wants us to talk about raving and art curating in that context. 

If you know me, you know I’m much more comfortable being behind the scenes, then on camera or spotlit. However, I was touched & felt honored to be asked.

The ninety minute podcast was broadcast live video on Twitch and is archived HERE

DB Burkeman
tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1614204 2020-11-09T02:02:46Z 2020-11-09T02:02:46Z Raymond Pettibon at The Journal Gallery

Hanging with two of my fave art folks, Michael Nevin and Erik Foss at the dope Raymond Pettibon show! 

DB Burkeman
tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1608185 2020-10-24T23:33:00Z 2020-10-24T23:33:01Z FRED TOMASELLI - New York Times Covers

Fred Tomaselli is an incredible American artist that I became aware of in the 90’s. Back then he was making his highly detailed psychedelic art, using wood panels, combining an array of unorthodox materials including actual pills and pot leaves, suspended in a thick layer of clear epoxy resin. More recently it seems he’s been inspired not simply by nature, but by the media and the insanity of our political system. He has a big new show at James Cohan Gallery which is well worth a visit. However it isn’t the giant spectacular pieces that thrilled me as much as these tripped-out paint & collage works, using the New York Times cover pages as his muse.

Coincidently, I'd emailed Fred to update him on the March 2021 release date of Art Sleeves, which he's included in, and mentioned he'd probably get a kick out of The Sm;)e Book. He replied enthusiastically, showing me this wonderful blotter sheet print he'd created in 1990!

DB Burkeman
tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1607877 2020-10-24T02:50:00Z 2020-10-24T15:42:56Z FUTURA 2000 at Eric Firestone Gallery

Leonard Hilton McGurr aka FUTURA 2000 and I are close to the same age. He has been in my consciousness since I bought the 7” single, This Is Radio Clash in 1981. The band had used him to design the sleeve, having met him on their first trip to NYC in 79 and went on to take him on tour with them.

When I first started learning about graffiti, he was one of the artists I was drawn to, as he didn’t use letter forms to create words, that I couldn’t read, he simply made abstract art, illegally.

When I started DJing in NY, Lenny would often be there, lurking in the shadows with his homies. And when we opened Breakbeat Science on Orchard Street, he and Stash had their Recon store a couple of blocks away.

I was also a massive fan of UNKLE. The fact that the FUTURA art was so dope, only heightened my love for the project. I believe James Lavelle, Ben Drury & Mo Wax helped Lenny find a new and very different audience.

He’s always been incredibly generous, granting permissions for all of my book projects. In fact, when I was working on the first Stickers book, and asked if I could use an existing piece of his art to create a peel-out sticker in the book, he invited me over to his apartment, and handed me a small canvas, saying, I made this for you, use it as the sticker art.

So, to see his “first NYC gallery show in 30 years” was wonderful. The works are an exercise in controlled chaos. Congrats to him & Eric Firestone for curating this tight show.

Lenny, signing a fans book.

My copy of This is Radio Clash

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1602650 2020-10-10T00:52:11Z 2020-10-18T12:45:41Z Launch of The Sm;)e Book Campaign
About 10 years ago I started spotting a dope sticker on the streets of Brooklyn that featured a perfect mash up of the faces of Michael Jackson, the Unabomber & the Nirvana smiley logo. I don't remember exactly how, but I tracked down the creator, Rich Browd, and managed to get the sticker to feature it in the Stickers: Vol 2 book.
Rich and I became friends, and we actually tried to start a T-shirt line together. The timing was not right, so it never got off the ground. But as they say, timing is everything, and about 5 years ago we both started sharing images on instagram of smiley appropriations. Then 3 years ago, we officially decided to make a book on the subject, and The Sm;)e Book project was born. Fast forward to this week, the book is finished and we've launched our Kickstarter!
Very happy to say that working with him, ZachChristi & Tim to bring this somewhat obsessive project to fruition has been hard work but also great fun! The book itself is fantastic, and we're all so proud it.

Its so amazing that all these incredible artists were happy to be included! Alex Da Corte, Alfie Steiner, Alicia McCarthy, Aurel Schmidt, BANKSY, BÄST, Carlos Valencia, Chapman Brothers, Cody Hudson, Curtis Kulig, Eric Elms, Erik Foss, Greg Bogin, INVADER, James Joyce, Jeremy Deller, KATSU, Mark Flood, Misaki Kawai, Norman Cook, Paul Insect, Paul Weston, Rob Pruitt, Ron English, Sadie Benning, Sayre Gomez, Skullphone, Tyrell Winston, 1UP CREW & a load more!

You can order a copy ahead of general release for just $15 by clicking the link HERE

Norman Cook/Mark Vessey

All by Rich Browd except Warhol's Marylyn lips by Paul Weston.

Derek Gardener

Assorted photos

Rich Browd (L) / Paul Insect + BAST (R)

Misaki Kawai

Rich's sticker that connected us..

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1599767 2020-10-02T13:27:47Z 2020-10-11T14:02:59Z Yoshitomo Nara at Pace Gallery 10/1/2020


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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1599247 2020-10-01T00:30:54Z 2020-10-01T01:41:09Z James Hyde Paintings at the Boiler Space

While size might not matter is some instances, it certainly has a lot of power when used by James Hyde. Examples are these paintings, which are on view at the ELM Foundation, Pierogi Gallery's former Boiler Space, where he is Artist in Residence. These are the largest works I’ve ever had the pleasure of being up close & personal with. I’m not going to attempt to describe them, or how James talked about using Alessandro Magnasco’s 18th century works as his muse. If you’re able to go check them out, do it!

Address of The Boiler is 191 N 14th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249. For a viewing, James kindly says email jh@jameshyde.com or people can DM him though his IG @hyde.james

I left Zach in the some of the shots, just so one can see the incredible scale. 

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1597837 2020-09-27T01:23:34Z 2020-09-27T01:38:11Z WAYNE WHITE Exhibition : N.53 Gallery, East Hampton 9/26/20 It's been fun & exciting to work with Josh Liner, and curate a full Wayne White show.
A little challenging to hang this monster of a salon style wall, but I’m proud of the finished result!
Also grateful to David Weiss for giving me this curator position. We have some pretty interesting plans for the future. Watch this space! ;)

The show is up till Oct 16th, so please check it out if in the area.

Thanks to the wonderful gallery manager/artist, Summer Mandile for my portrait.

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1597525 2020-09-26T02:19:42Z 2020-09-27T00:46:17Z East Hampton Bay Sunset 9/24/20

iPhone photo of this beautiful moment.

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1596800 2020-09-23T00:32:20Z 2020-09-23T00:57:52Z STORM KING ARTS CENTER : Sept 21st 2020

Its somewhat embarrassing that I’d lived in New York for 20 odd years before I’d even heard of Storm King, and then it took another 10 years before I actually made it there! And that only happened because my friend Zach offered to drive us there in his new motor. 

Even these photos do not do the place justice. I don’t like phrases such as breathtaking but that kind of nails it. 

We walked for over 3 hours, and while trying to gather the names to credit the works in the photos here, I'm realizing we probably saw less than 40% of the collection!

Menashe Kadishman


Mark di Suvero

Arnaldo Pomodoro

Apologies. Cant figure out who's work this is.

Alexander Calder

Robert Grosvenor,

Alexander Liberman

Alyson Shotz

Zhang Huan

Maya Lin

Martha Tuttle 

Ronald Bladen

Mark di Suvero

Mark di Suvero


Mark di Suvero

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder

Ursula von Rydingsvard

Nam June Paik


Selfies on the Wavefield by Maya Lin

* filter photos by Zach Britt

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1596122 2020-09-20T22:33:31Z 2020-09-29T18:06:45Z FUN DOWNTOWN ART DAY : Sat Sept 19th 2020

Much as I enjoy Instagram, it’s so easy etc, I’m going to try to blog more regularly again. The visual presentation here is so much better. Yesterday was a full on art day, and a perfect example why these images need a bigger canvas. If possible look at this stuff on a computer, rather than a phone.

First Zach & I went to Perrotin on Orchard, simply because we’d heard that it was not by appointment. Their book/gift shop while being be very expensive seems to always have some printed thing I don’t know about. Sure enough, I found a book about records & art! (see below) At first I was freaked out thinking it was a new publication and was going to steel some thunder from the release of my own book, ART SLEEVES (now scheduled for March 2021) but it was published in 2010 & must have had really shitty distribution & promotion, since I never saw it even written about. 

Most thrilling was the discovery on the 3rd floor of the 3 brand new Barry McGee paintings (not publicized on the site).

Also discovering some interesting artists, African American, Leslie Hewitt, Korean, GaHee Park & French born, Bushwick based artist Jean-Philippe Delhomme.

From there we went to the 2 KARMA galleries on 2nd St, in the hope of seeing the group show “(Nothing but) Flowers“, of course that had ended, but there was a solo show by Henni Alftan. Strange but engaging. A lot of the works seemed to be about the feel of things, fur, rain, hair etc. Then on to visit Matt at KARMA’s incredible book shop. I was lucky to get out of there without spending more than $100!

Then Erik Foss suggested meeting him at Leo Fitzpatrick’s not-yet-opened, not officially named “Public Access Gallery”. With a wall full of hand screened Mark Gonzales skate decks & a couple of Gonz drawings, the place has a nice chill vibe. Very interesting hearing Leo talk about what he hopes to do with the St Marks space & what it will mean for East Village & LES kids. We then headed to Deitch for the opening of a big group show but it was closed up by the time we got there.

Barry McGee

Klara Kristalova

Leslie Hewitt

GaHee Park 

Jean-Philippe Delhomme

Henni Alftan

Leo Fitzpatrick / Mark Gonzales

THE RECORD : Contemporary ART and VINYL book

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1595212 2020-09-17T20:59:42Z 2020-09-18T01:00:18Z MUSIC EPHEMERA STASH FOUND.

Hard to believe but when I was young, I was even more of a nerd than I am in my old age. I started collecting music ephemera as soon as I started going to shows. I recently discovered a stash of concert programs (booklets) ranging from the hippie era to the punk & new wave  80s. The strange and remarkable thing to me, is how much damage I inflicted on myself (and others around me) and yet these artifacts survived, in almost perfect condition! 

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1495745 2020-01-05T17:40:59Z 2020-01-05T17:41:40Z Mike Kelley - "Timeless Painting" at Hauser Wirth

Just a couple of the incredible paintings by the late Destroy All Monsters member, Mike Kelley -1954-2012.  

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1478302 2019-11-16T04:30:10Z 2019-11-16T04:35:17Z ONLY TOOK 16 YEARS BUT FINALLY MADE IT TO THE DIA BEACON.

There's no way to show the grandeur of the place on Instagram, and even the photos here pale, but it's better than nothing!

Hard to say which artist's areas Wini and I enjoyed the most, Dan Flaven, Richard Serra, Donald Judd, Robert Smithson, Barry Le Va, Louise Bourgeois, Mel Bochner, Michael Heizer or Andy Warhol. Only really disappointing thing for me, was that most of Lawrence Weiner's work was closed to viewing.

I love the roll gate to get Serra's work into the building.

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1370380 2019-02-04T17:28:07Z 2019-02-05T16:37:50Z An Evening with Cynthia Bach & Jim Matthews.
Erik Foss’s friend Cecelia invited us to her very small birthday party at her friends house high up in the LA hills of Los Feliz.

The whole bonkers scenario was like something out of a movie, where kookie & different types of people are brought together on a stormy night, in a 1920’s Hollywood house that could easily be a museum of antique religious artifacts & oddities.
What an incredible experience meeting Cynthia Bach & Jim Matthews was. They are true artisans. When she greeted us at the door, Cynthia immediately reminded me of my mother with her charisma & style. When I'm old (sorry, older) I want to be like Jim, to be able to indulge every impulse to collect & curate all sorts of mad things. When we were showed “his area” I was openly jealous.

Instagram has really killed my blogging but there was absolutely no way to even attempt to capture this experience on that platform, and even here, I’m not able to really describe the remarkable conversions that took place, or the strange interactions but I will try my best.
One conversation in the beautiful living room, only lit by candle light & a fire, started with a very touching sensitive description from Cynthia about how she raised holy hell in a hospital ER where Jim was not getting the care he desperately needed. I asked some very personal questions & both were so open with their answers, it made me feel truly let in to such a intimate relationship. Then some others wandered into the room and were loudly arguing about what to my ears sounded like they were both saying exactly the same thing, but neither one was able to hear that because of their volume. Being someone who's uncomfortable with conflict, & coming out of such a sensitive moment, this was jarring & uncomfortable. I just hoped that no one else was as freaked out by the sudden change of atmosphere as I was. I actually don't think anyone even noticed, as the room quickly reverted to questions to our hosts & more story telling. Then most of the group went back into the kitchen & left just Jim, Erik myself & another guest whom we’d not met before the night. Somehow over the next thirty minutes the conversation went from from how we’re all doomed because of capitalism, to future technologies & how they hopefully will, or could save us, to obsession & then to drug addition, with me telling them how I’d attempted suicide 3 times when fighting it.

I actually don't think anyone at the party was even high or drunk.

I captured the video below before these conversations took place & we did not know who was who yet. Erik & I were eating Lucifers Damned Good Pizza in the kitchen & Cynthia instructed “Everyone go down to the alter” Huh?

The house was generally too dark at night to photograph, but I tried to capture some of the details I found so wonderful.

Wanted to show some of Jim's drill bits & the gold filigree work. The ring is there to give an idea of scale.

Thats a dime I put next to this.

Cynthia’s recent promotional documentary. (Defiantly better shot than mine ;)
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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1227646 2018-01-07T01:52:55Z 2018-01-07T02:00:06Z BARRY MCGEE at Cheim & Read NYC 1/4/17

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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1214691 2017-12-11T03:36:40Z 2017-12-11T18:23:40Z iPHONE PHOTO ESSAY of DAN & ELLEN'S BIG SUR HOUSE 12/09/17 Like the post on the Maine trip before this one, Big Sur needs a grander vista than Instagram.
I feel so fortunate to work with one of my oldest, and best, friends Paul, who suggested I do my LA trip on the same days that he was scheduled to also go out there. For me traveling is normally fairly miserable but doing it with a mate can make the whole thing potentially fun.
Paul & I have an incredible history together, and one day I hope write about all our adventures, both the fun music-based ones and also the business ones. 
He told me that after we’d done the two days of work in LA he’d asked Dan & Ellen Weiner if they would mind if I came up with him, & stayed in their Monterey house for one night, and than followed by one night in Big Sur. Having never been to either area, I was obviously psyched. I’ve now met Dan a few times, & he’s not only a legend in the booking agency world with a million jaw-dropping stories, but one of the coolest, most interesting people that has entered my life in the last couple of years. Ellen is also lovely, & sort of Ying to Dan's Yang, somewhat similar to the way Wini is way more fun & nicer to everyone than me. Not that Dan is not fun or nice!

Many people far more apt than I have written about how spectacular the drive to Big Sur is, so I won’t even try.
Below are pics of just a few of the details from their wonderful Big Sur home.

Path to main house.
Porch & view from the guesthouse.
Paul in the swing-chair watching the sunset, contemplating life, & like me, trying to figure out how the fuck we are going to move here.
Another path with another place to chill. 
A few objects collected & perfectly placed.
River seating down at the inn we ate an unbelievable breakfast at.
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tag:dbdoesablog.com,2013:Post/1178662 2017-07-30T18:51:55Z 2017-07-31T14:58:44Z iPHONE PHOTO ESSAY of MAINE TRIP JULY 26th-30th 2017 While I’ve really enjoyed using Instagram to share inspirational images & some fun moments, this platform has been neglected.
So having just spent five picture-perfect magical days up in Maine with close friends Tommy, Natalie & Stella Emery, these images needed fuller vista, wider screen technicolor presentation!
Our Max (who chose to stay home) & their Rowan (at camp) were very missed.

Driveway to the beautiful barn -
Lunch at Mothers Kitchen -“mothers little helper” -
Few of the trees downed from previous years storm-
Wild flowers-
Our walk down to Hulls Cove (Hells Cove)
I'll have a Walter on the rocks please.
Fisheye action.
Lunch at the Asticou Hotel (Overlook Hotel)
Magic garden (with no secret door)
Pretty strict rules for the magic garden.
Magic Toadstool.
Setting sun over the bay.
Sunset at the Bar Harbor Club
Fire Starter- (photo credit Tommy Emery)

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