Sad & also inspiring short documentary on the state of music/clubs in NYC.

Sad to watch the Dope Jam guys packing up their wicked store after 7 years, especially having been through the same thing with Breakbeat Science.
Inspiring to see all the cool, creative & in-it-for-the-love shit still going on!
My favorite line was the one when the guy is talking about how great the Mister Saturday Night loft parties are, he says something like "You see all the people not facing the DJ, just dancing" Thats the biggest thing I still cant get my head around with "EDM". What the fuck are they looking at?

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Thanks for referencing that DB. A nice view of the continuing struggle for those trying to keep it real. Reminds me of how hard you were fighting to keep it real even when it was real, and inspiration for fighting for the future.