Supreme Stash on New Years Day.

Last week I was tipped off to a guy who has "mad sick Supreme sticker collection". I always make the effort to follow up when I get tips like this but normally they don't pan out. Either the guy flakes out or the stash is not really so dope.

Jan 1st 2013 turned out to be the real deal.
However, I'm not showing the stickers he's loaned me. You'll have to wait to see them in the exhibition or next Vol of the Stickers book but below are a few pics of just some of his bonkers collection of shit.
Its really a brand unlike any other, followers are cult like ;)


Key rings.

Domino set.

Incense & holder.

Ball & gloves are sitting on a nice book too.

Ultimate gold nuget - Skate Tool/Pipe

Framed up largest Supreme sticker ever. 

I know this is teasing - but anyone EVER seen a black logo box sticker before? ;)


Being a little tired of reading about people finding "interesting" things to do with the millions of records that are of no use to anyone, I was psyched to find three unrelated stories of records actually being made for a change.  Even-though they are not made of vinyl... One ice, another from a 3D printer & one optical.


When I was a young lad I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up.
Carried a camera with me at all times, even to what turned out to be one of the very last UK performances of the Sex Pistols.
Brunel University Dec 16th 1977. (If memory serves, I lost the people who gave me the ride out there & I had to walk home)

CHROMATICS Live in Miami.

The final icing on the cake for the Miami/Basel trip was being given tickets to possibly the best live gig I've been to this year.

Beautiful historic venue, not packed & pitch perfect sound!

A true sign of a real working band, after 3 encores they rushed to front of the house to sign their own merch.
The $10 red vinyl double album that Ned & I both bought - sounds so good! : )

12 amazing works from Art Basel 2012 (Pt1)

Some breathtaking classics & some exciting new discoveries also.
All thrilling when seen close up & personal.
Richard Prince

Kara Walker

Markus Schinwald

Dave Muller

Friedrick Kunath

Barbara Kruger

Mark Grotjahn

Francis Alÿs

Christopher Wool

Doug Aitken

Fred Tomaselli

Francesco Vezzoli