DEATH GRIPS live at LPR 10/17/12.

Im pretty sure If I were an American teenager, there is no other band I'd be a disciple of - Death Grips would be my fucking band!  Both the fuck-you attitude & sonic intensity would simply be irresistible.

Sadly I'm an old fart (mosh pits are way too dangerous) I'm also now super jaded & suspect major label trickery or fake hype in most music these days. I do however believe that these guys are the real deal.
For neally a year, I've really wanted to see Death Grips live in a small venue - before they either blew up too large, or they internally imploded because of the stresses caused by all the hype surrounding them.

Although the elements that make up their incredible relentless "noise" are nothing new, Its pretty challenging trying to describe their live sound, however it's the most original music I've heard in a long time. For starters, no guitars! To my knowledge no one has ever cohesively smashed together the anger of American Hardcore, with spoken-word poetry like vocals but delivered with machine gun like Hip Hop pace & flow, all backed & orchestrated with stunning state-of-the-art Techno & Ghetto Bass production. Add sampling from such disparate places as Link Wray, TV News & Bowie, It all gels into something like a guitar-less slow-motion Speed Metal tsunami.

The sound in the room was dope. I feel super fortunate that Ned (who turned me onto them) & I caught them in an intimate club setting. Although this gig was probably very very tame compared to the normal fan driven insanity they are used to, the room was still full of electricity- even from the NPR & CMJ heads who put it on. They were mostly Tweeting & blogging it, instead of getting stuck in!

I just wish I could remember not openly display the sleeve on my iPhone when listening to the new album in rush hour subways.


I've known of the existence of Dope Jams in Brooklyn for years.

Because I dont really buy House any more, & I guess I was lazy & never bothered to actually go.
The place is incredible! The room feels like a mini version of David Mancuso's Loft!
They are licensing tracks for their label "slow to speak", doing their own edits & pressing quality vinyl.
Not quite sure whats going on with all the black magic decor & artifacts but whatever, all good! Listening booths. Just 5 of the 10 great rules!


Candy & Drinks were enjoyed by all who came by the Standard Hotel's wonderfully curated gift shop.
Friends & fans stopped by to pick up & get Todd to sign "Yield To Temptation" published by PictureBox.

Candy art by Mr James.
Very packed room full of talented people.
Paparazzi going wild over the candy sculptures. This shot taken from the outside, looking in at Todd (in hat) sitting next to his painted voluptuous female form on the window. 
Artist Julia Chang drunk on candies. Photographer/Surfer Chris Mosier high as a kite on candy.

MIKE PERRY - Wandering Around Wondering

September 16 through November 25, 2012
Open Tuesday–Sunday, 1:00–6:00pm

Wandering Around Wondering is a free three-month community exhibition and series of events that will coincide with the launch of my monograph, published by Rizzoli. The event space will host workshops, screenings, gatherings, open discussions, and much more — conducted by me and a select group of design and illustration professionals. The space will become a dynamic environment for continuous creation, where visitors will be able to explore freely and create their own unique experiences.
Check it out!

983 Dean Street. 
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Between Franklin and Classon Ave.

Below, a few of the works I liked from the hundreds there!

Mike proudly standing next to his only Sticker work (Orange dot on blue : )

My name top left amongst some of the Kickstarter contributors for the project. 


Was quite the early morning wicked surprise to be texted the first photo in this set by fellow Barry fanatic Jared.
Eve & I biked down the the Mark Morris Dance Center next door the BAM.
So cool having both José Parlá & Barry doing public walls within stones throw of where we live. Brooklyn Rocks! You can see scale with Eve (and her new helmet) underneath.
Detail looks great for such a monster piece.
Probably not meant to have seen this, its the layout the guys were all working from & how the wall should look when finished ; )