When I was working on my book Stickers, I formed a connection to the amazing Stanley Donwood.
He's been an awesome ongoing contributor to the stickers project but this week he did me a major solid, by sorting the guest list for Atoms, who were playing just down the road.
Although I've still not met the man, and we don't tell each other too many personal things, I guess the term pen-pal is the closest I can come up with to describe the relationship we have (if people even use that anymore).
The show itself was pretty weird and wonderful. Without doubt the least arena type gig I've ever been to. Flea and the percussionist Mauro Refosco, made the whole freeform/lack of Radiohead clinical style precision a thing of joy though. Good fun!

10 Year's of Wooster Collective

Invited to the pre-opening event & got to meet a ton of the artists in the Jonathan LeVine/Wooster Collective pop-up show. 

Below are just a couple works I liked.

Best in show for me was Bäst's pair of guns.

Really nice Anthony Lister portrait

 Two wonderful Paul Insect girls

Also got to meet for the time Spanish Eltono, who now lives in China & is coincidently married to an old NY Drum & Bass DJ friend. Talk about random small world

Mark & Sara Schiller either side of Jonathan LeVine

Dont sleep. Go see the show...


Just found a Miami show catalog from a 2001.

Wini remembers we were staying in Bal Harbor at the Rubell family's hotel, The Beach House & Max was 5 months old.
There was also a who's who of artists staying there & some of them were very friendly.


Feeling my age today having hung out for many hours & even 'danced' a bit to the deep sounds of LUCIANO  & CARL CRAIG.

The event was part of promoter Verboten's StageONE on Brooklyn's Williamsburg waterfront series.

Paul Morris took me up on stage to watch the lads having fun & do their magic.

Weird iPhone panoramic effect.

View from back of the crowd...

..but then turn around