I couldn’t believe how many people braved the blizzard-like snow to be at the opening day of the INDEPENDENT show in the former DIA center.

I was impressed that there were that many lovers of art, but annoyed that the coat check would not take any more items by the time I got to the front of the line.

For me the INDEPENDENT is the best & worst of contemporary art. It’s split between the type of art (& people) that are the easiest for “normal” folk to make fun of. Bits of found junk & rubbish piled up in some meaningful way. Or the ”my kid can paint better than that!” aesthetic. It also has incredibly beautiful, weird, or funny works that breathe life into my soul & make me feel better about humanity. Below are just some of those.

Silke Otto-Knapp 

Dirk Bell (found paintings that he paints on to)
Adriana Minoliti
Jeanette Mundt
Anne Deleporte (these last two are actually at the Pulse fair)
Katsutoshi Yuasa (oil based woodcut print on paper)