Thom Yorke & Nigel Godrich show how "EDM" (god I hate that name!:) can & should be done.
Wow, what an incredible gig! Very hard to describe but somewhere between DJ'ing, live remixing of their tracks & an old skool reggae dub studio session.
The thing I loved most was that they fucked up. Not terribly but enough that one was able to tell it was really live. As they built the rhythms, one effected sound, like a decaying or delayed echo on a click would be it the wrong place. It was like when I'm mixing two records together & they are not quite synced, so I'd be creating a "wrong" patten & wouldn't know how to get out of it.
Visuals by TARIK were also effected live, making the experience really engaging.

Also got to see the extraordinary Holly Herndon. My mate Ned is in love her & thinks she's some kind of other worldly angel.

MARK MULRONEY at Mixed Greens

Mark's art may not be for everyone but it totally connects with me.  

If you also love twisted content & vivid colors laid down with exceptional skill, dont sleep on this exhibition.

Below are just few of the works I enjoyed.

Still on till Mar 16th.
531 W 26th St, First Fl, 10001
TEL: 212 331 8888 




Feeling super blessed for both having a friend (Ned) who hooked me with a ticket & being one of the few people who got to see, sweat & dance to ESG's final show at the tiny Bowery Electric venue last night.

For those who don't know (shame), ESG are a band based around 3 sisters from the Bronx, who in 1981 broke out on the seminal 99 Records .
Even though I was in London for most of the 80's, their tracks Moody & UFO had an incredible impact & influence on me as a DJ learning about grooves & tempo.
They've been sampled by such diverse acts as TLC, the Wu-Tang Clan, Beastie Boys, Big Daddy Kane, Gang Starr, Junior Mafia, Tricky, Jay-Dee, Unrest and Liars & in 1992 released their album "Sample Credits Don't Pay Our Bills".

They were a favorites of the 80's downtown NY club scene & regulars at legendary venues such as Danceteria & Mudd Club.

Sadly by the time I'd moved to NY they had pretty much stopped playing gigs here, so last nights show was something very special for me, & the others present.

However, they have played their "Final Show" before, so maybe you'll also get a chance to catch them : )
To know more, here's their Wiki & Discogs
Its all about the wait before the beat kicks back in!
Drum & Bass taking a bow & celebrating 34 years of being a killer rhythm section!


José Parlá rocks BK!

With a ton of other Brooklyn heads, family friend José Parlá (with brother Rey) celebrated the unveiling of his unbelievably beautiful new mural at the Barclay Center Arena.

Hearing José give his speech was quite emotional for a lot of us who've known the brothers Parlá since they became neighbors & friends.


Mind officially blown - Christian Marclay, The Clock.

I dont have the vocabulary to describe the experience of 
watching a little of The Clock!
I know this is old news for many but this morning I sat at the MoMA from 10.47am till 12.07pm but sincerely wished I could watch the full 24 hours.
Words like genius & unbelievable are so over used, that they dont have the impact that I wish they had for me right now, this work of art is ex·traor·di·nar·y.
Its playing at the MoMA till Jan 21 & I think they are running it sometimes for 24 hours too.