Hourly rate!

When I booked my Miami hotel, I had no idea they rented rooms by the hour.
The nice thing was, if you used the place a lot, & you stayed four times, they gave you a fifth hour for free ; )

Sent while on the run..


DB steals art work

So an artist friend of a friend tells me, "all you do is take a gun case, with one of the pieces of the deconstructed weapon from the gallery stand.
If you return it, you'll be rewarded by an even better gift."
So I arrive at Scope before anyone is even there, happily pick a case that has a nice firing spring in it & wander off to stash it away.
Later Molly brings literature back to our stand from the gun exhibit & we find out I have actually stolen a piece of art work from the gallery!
Upon confession, the artists SmithBeatty luckily did not beat me to a pulp (they are big), or have the authorities do the nasty on me.
We are actually going to colab together on a future project of mine.
& I've even been promised the reward also : )