Max & I visited what was left of BBlessing after the sample sales were finished & fixtures & fitting had all gone.
This ends a 15 year chapter in my life that started in 1995 with the opening of BreakBeat Science, which is where the two B's in BBlessing came from. (

Ironic use of sticker, I know.
Still cant stand those Marco murals!

B&W pic courtesy of Nicholas Kratochvil
B&W pic courtesy of Nicholas Kratochvil B&W pic courtesy of Nicholas Kratochvil

Andy Warhols last 10 years at the BK Museum

The show is pretty fantastic & well worth a visit.
There are several works that I've never seen before & a few that I'd seen in books, but when you are confronted with the scale of the real things, its mind blowing.
I particularly loved the two square camo paintings, as they are colors that differ from the prints i've wanted for 20 years.

An exiting moment for a me as a father. Max wanted to spend his own pocked money to buy his first piece of art.
(thus helping keep my mate Michael at the foundation in a job : )



Sad day for ART!

Crazy story.. two weeks ago, I found a book I'd bought in 1990, that had been stored away in a drew.
I wrote to ZEE, (as he asked me to call him) & asked if he'd like to talk about doing a T Shirt design collaboration for my new line & also if he'd mind signing my found book?
He's was cool, inviting me to his Apt in Battery Park.
When I got there, he said his wife was sick with flu, so I shouldn't come up, he also complained that he felt out of whack, like he was getting sick too.
He seemed really into the shirt idea & took his time tagging up my book.
Its always nice when an artist I'm a fan of turns out to not be arrogant, or makes one feel like you're annoying them by asking for a signature.

Rest In Peace ZΣΣ


MAX & I Visit the KAWS Show

Artist KAWS, friend since 1998, has his 1st museum show!
It was amazing to see & I highly recommend the trip up there.

Max at Grand Central.

Max getting KAWS to sign his program.

11 foot sculpture of "Accomplice". We own the 11 inch version : )

Ryan McGinness, friend & Max with home made masks.

Jose Parla, Max & I (photo from Arrested Motion)


Close up

Sent while on the run.