The MET (After 27 years in NYC)

Its been many years since I've stopped saying "It's crazy that I still haven't been to the MET!" I didn't give up saying it because I actually went, it just became a more ridiculous statement as time went on. I can't really explain why someone who loves art as much as I do couldn't get his ass uptown to one of the most famed museums in the world. The more time that passed, the more I would squirm whenever someone mentioned the damn place. I would just nod without response, letting them assume that of course I've been, and became skilled at quick subject changes and distractions. 

This week the lie died! My shame and dirty little secret can be aired and put in the past. My sister Brie, visiting from London, took me on her guest pass, and it was quite a treat. Let's not discuss the fact that she lives 3000 miles away and has a pass but I don't. 

Below are just a few of the works that moved me, arranged into reverse chronology, of fucking old, to quite old, to not that old.

Jean Antonio - Houdon -Winter 1787

Antonio Canova - Perseus with the Head of Medusa 1804-6

Balthasar Permoser - Marsyas 1680-85

Vincent van Gogh - (Detail of) Wheat Field with Cypresses 1889 

Henri Matisse - (Detail of) Odalisque with Gray Trousers 1927

Pablo Picasso - Nude Standing by the Sea 1929

Paul Delvaux - The Great Sirens 1947

Leon Polk Smith - Accent Black 1949

Kay Sage - Tomorrow is Never 1955

Salvador Dali - Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) 1954

Sol LeWitt - Wall Drawing #370 1968

Kiki Smith - Lilith 1994

Mark Tansey - The Innocent Eye Test 1981

George Condo - Rush Hour 2010

DB -View from the roof 2015