Stickers on a 30 foot public screen!

If you have 25 minutes of free time, go see "Stickers the Video" at The Big Screen Plaza, its located on 6th Avenue between 29th and 30th Street, NYC.
There are dramatic views of the exhibition from the Eventi Hotel’s Syd Mead designed Bar Basque, the FoodParc on the first floor that opens to the public piazza where visitors can enjoy food and beverage.

Check the space here...

Here are the dates & times when it will play & loop for two hours.

8/1 (7-9 pm), 
8/3 (9-10pm), 
8/4 (6-7pm), 
8/6 (4-5pm), 
8/7 (6-7pm), 
8/14 (6-7pm), 
8/15 (7-9pm), 
8/18 (6-7pm), 
8/22 (6-7pm).