I’d not done a gallery hoping art-opening run-around in Chelsea for long time, and despite the crap weather & annoying people blocking the art, it was fun. First stop was Josh Liner’s packed opening, for the awesome Geoff Mcfetridge (too packed to photograph any works)

Then on way down to Paula Cooper Gallery for a new video project by my favorite moving-image artist Christian Marclay called Surround Sounds, I stopped into Jonathan LeVine Gallery. I discovered Stephan Doitschinoff back in 2007 or 8, because of a beautiful skull sticker, when he was simply know as CALMA.

I’m not normally attracted to art that has religious themes or overtones, but there’s something about Doitschinoff’s work that I am absolutely in love with. (Beyond the fact that he makes badass skulls) Below are a couple of the works I wish I owned, and a video of him living & working in a tiny village in Brazil.

VIDEO : The Art of Stephan Doitschinoff

The Christian Marclay exhibition is a little odd but very cool. Just a few paintings that look little like the 12" sleeves he designed for his collaborative live recordings made with Vinyl Factory, and a darkened room, where a fourteen minute video loop plays on four walls by what I’m guessing were 8-16 projectors. I sat on the floor and was mesmerized by the thing! Still photos & my words do not do it justice, but basically its every sound written in comic books, cut out, projected & moving. Krakkkk cracks, Rumble rumbles etc. What makes it even stranger is that video for Surround Sounds is completely silent.

Go see it!

I nicked these images from Paula Cooper Gallery's site.