I gave myself 4 full days to try & see as much of the art during the Art Basel week as possible. I'm guessing I only saw 60% of what I had wanted to see, and I was really pushing it too.

Even starting as the doors first opened to the convention center, I lasted till about 5.00pm, exhausted & burnt out, without getting round the whole thing. It's overwhelming.

Below are images of works that I found either inspiring, thought-provoking, amusing, or simply nice from the fairs & exhibitions. Possibly my fave new discovery was Mark Flood who had several new works on show at the always-incredible Rubell Family Collection. I was so excited by these that my normal shy-ness took a backseat to a girly-like excitement that allowed me to tell him how blown away I was by these. He told me he’d been making these "lace paintings” for about 15 years now.  

"The Experiment" by Elmgreen & Dragset struck me as funny, thought provoking & also pretty real.

I’ve been a fan of Daniel Arsham for a few years now but recently I’ve become almost obsessed. His "future relics" are both super groovy and a strong statement on consumerism. The show in Miami was like an excavation site, with the concrete floor of the exhibition space being dug up to reveal a landfill of the future.

I think my favorite work at Art Basel itself was this 1994 “Reclining Buddha” by multi-media legend Nam June Paik.

Below are some others I loved...

Not heard of Wolhem Sasnal, but liked this a lot.
Always love me some Jim Lambie.
Diptych by Lisa Yuskavage
An angry Jim Shaw.
These two from Friedrich Kunath
Really found these small drawings by Miriam Cahn stunning. I think she could be my favorite painter right now.
Raymond Pettibon had an entire wall of something like 50 works, ranging form the early 80's to this recent self-portrait.
I kick myself for not trying to buy one of these amazing Dan McCarthy vases when I first saw them years ago & might have been able to afford one!
These sculpted heads were beautiful, & I was surprised to find out the artist was Venessa Beecroft.
A classic Nate Lowman bullet hole, now only $650,000.
 Fun portrait by William P Immer.
Possibly my fave skull of the week by Dick Bell. (UPDATE) I'm now the proud owner!
Ravi Zupa gun.
Tiny work by Marko Mäetamm.
Luiz Zerbini. Perspective of this painting had me really confused.
New to me, Chloe Seibert. She made me smile.
This Ged Quinn was massive, check out how detailed the work is.
Tiny but very powerful Richard Colman.

This year the only theme that seemed to emerge for Gary Pini and me was Bagels ;)