I was somewhat apprehensive about finally seeing Low live. I’ve been a fan of their music since their “breakthrough” album The Great Destroyer in 2004, and I was concerned that either the crowd would be talking & annoying the band (and me) or that I’d be bored, as they are not exactly visual or a high energy/dance-around type act. However the crowd was super respectful & as Sam & I walked in we got two seats right at the front of the mezzanine, we were blown away. 

It’s really hard to describe how moving the show was. On the one hand, the delicateness of music & the beauty of both Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker’s voices actually made me cry, while the power of the distorted guitars were way heavier and far more transcendental than 90% of all the current slew of so-called Psych bands. 

If you've never heard Low here's a clip from a couple of years ago...