Launch of The Sm;)e Book Campaign

About 10 years ago I started spotting a dope sticker on the streets of Brooklyn that featured a perfect mash up of the faces of Michael Jackson, the Unabomber & the Nirvana smiley logo. I don't remember exactly how, but I tracked down the creator, Rich Browd, and managed to get the sticker to feature it in the Stickers: Vol 2 book.
Rich and I became friends, and we actually tried to start a T-shirt line together. The timing was not right, so it never got off the ground. But as they say, timing is everything, and about 5 years ago we both started sharing images on instagram of smiley appropriations. Then 3 years ago, we officially decided to make a book on the subject, and The Sm;)e Book project was born. Fast forward to this week, the book is finished and we've launched our Kickstarter!
Very happy to say that working with him, ZachChristi & Tim to bring this somewhat obsessive project to fruition has been hard work but also great fun! The book itself is fantastic, and we're all so proud it.

Its so amazing that all these incredible artists were happy to be included! Alex Da Corte, Alfie Steiner, Alicia McCarthy, Aurel Schmidt, BANKSY, BÄST, Carlos Valencia, Chapman Brothers, Cody Hudson, Curtis Kulig, Eric Elms, Erik Foss, Greg Bogin, INVADER, James Joyce, Jeremy Deller, KATSU, Mark Flood, Misaki Kawai, Norman Cook, Paul Insect, Paul Weston, Rob Pruitt, Ron English, Sadie Benning, Sayre Gomez, Skullphone, Tyrell Winston, 1UP CREW & a load more!

You can order a copy ahead of general release for just $15 by clicking the link HERE

Norman Cook/Mark Vessey

All by Rich Browd except Warhol's Marylyn lips by Paul Weston.

Derek Gardener

Assorted photos

Rich Browd (L) / Paul Insect + BAST (R)

Misaki Kawai

Rich's sticker that connected us..