It had been months since I’d been to a gallery & I was in a desperate mood to see some art, so I texted Sophie & Tucker who I've also been trying to get together with for weeks in an attempt to kill two birds with one synchronistic stone. It’s very rare that a plan like that comes together but today the planets alined.
Being close to the end of gallery hours we only got to see a couple of places but the MR exhibition at Lehmann Maupin was more than enough to satisfy my craving for paint n canvases. Below are a few images & moments of the fun afternoon.

These four are just details from the massive paintings.

Tucker & Sophie used to show scale.

We then snuck into some galley that was closing & snapped this.. (apologies to artist & gallery for not crediting you!)

Met up with their friends Charlie & Apple at Comme Des Garcon, to try on a ton of clothes that none of us could afford.

ST watching the final edit of the Drinkee video.

Old man hanging with the kids..

Sticker found for photo op.

& the saga of the broken platform on Apple’s brand new boots..