EX GF Spotted.

Bonkers one!
Newish friend Robin Nixon, guessing I’m probably an old Orbital head, sent me this clip of their first-ever appearance on Top of the Pops performing their first-ever single, Chime.

The bonkers part is that I’d long left the UK by the time this aired, so had never seen it & consequently did not know my ex girlfriend, KB was the dancer!

The irony here is that KB was pure rocker chick, & we never really bonded over the rave thing.
When I left London in 89 she was making videos for the likes of Jesus & Mary Chain & Primal Scream

I’ve only ever had 3 real relationships & loves in my life. My first GF, Kate, whom I’m still in touch with, KB, who holds a very special place in my heart but for whatever reason, we don’t stay in touch & she hates social media so won’t see this, and of course, my life partner, Wini.