Feeling honored, and a little lucky right now.
About three years ago Eilon Paz interviewed & shot me for his awesome vinyl record collectors site, Dust & Grooves.
He’s spent the last couple of years tirelessly working to create a book. The book is done & its beautiful. It features just some of the hundreds of interesting people & their crazy collections that he’s shot over the years.
I was invited to be one of twenty DJ’s to spin ten minutes worth of records at the fun release party last Sat night. 
So, I’m feeling honored that I made the cut to be included in the book. I actually have two full spreads! Also feeling lucky, because while I love showing off my records, I don’t really like seeing myself in pictures, and he chose great photos where I’m not that visisible ;)
Anyone looking for good gift ideas, this is a great book. Also, he self published, so you will be supporting individuals, not cooperations.