BLURRING RADIO #48 "Exclusive Business"

This show has two exclusives! The first comes in the form of a just finished track by producer Norik, and the second is the first BLURRINGradio exclusive mixtape from Spanish techno weirdoes Downlines Sekt. For those who like electronic music on the dark, weird, and experimental side will love this 50 minute eclectic sonic collage.

Before that, you'll hear tracks, from Spoon's new album, Woz, Fischerspooner, Darkside, Still Corners, Phon.o. Then enjoy the Downlines Sekt's 50 minutes of cool, sonic weirdness!

Downlines Sekt's track list is..

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just emailed big letter info@db address. havent seen you or spoke since 97. im the bmore girl you sent cassettes to. hope youre well and miss you so. its old address. congrats on family. if you didnt get letter, fb me at victoria diana headden. if you find the mail it explains everything. keep in touch! and if you cant find the email know that im still wanting your neon orange camo pants from warwick RI rave and tattooed you on my back, the music was just that good. especially soul shift and the ones right before and after. soul shift was some of your finest work. wish i still had it. like anyone can play a cassette anymore anyway. i still have my deck from 25 years ago. and i bet you still have a WICKED dub plate collection. victoria headden 4917 olive grove circle va beach va 23455 come by anytime bring family bring friends ALWAYS WELCOME HERE DOLL! all love all day.