Normally weekends are reserved for time with the family but today the family had their own plans, so I took the opportunity to take in some art & culture! It was also partly an attempt to escape everyones post election mood & the relentless conversations. 

I met up in Chelsea with Garrett, a recent transplant from LA, who's energy to absorb NYC's culture is energizing. While heading to Printed Matter to see if they had any inexpensive Tom Sachs zines or stickers we saw big signs for a ROTHKO opening today. I remembered reading something about PACE showing some incredible private collection. As I told Garrett, when I was 14, Rothko opened my mind to abstract art & how color is emotional. The exhibition is stunning. We then hit Printed Matter & I scored a NASA shirt for $20 & a TEN BULLETS sticker for $1.

We then headed down to Hauser & Wirth for Paul McCarthy which is hillarious & amazing!

From they had to rush over to Williamsburg to hear old friend, & NY legend, DJ Stretch Armstrong give a talk on his new book. "No Sleep: NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988-1999" Nice surprise to find out I have no less than 6 pages of my own club flyers in the book! Also nice surprise to see that Eric HAZE was on the speaking panel too. HAZE is majorly important to me visually & was huge contributor to my own tome "Stickers" Coincidently Stretch is confirmed as a writer for Vol 2 of Stickers.

Just a few of the MARK ROTHKO'S at PACE. (iPhone pics should be illegal, they do not do these works justice!)

Just a few of the PAUL MCCARTHY'S at Hauser & Wirth. (They are about 5' high)

Old skool NYC crew..